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Have you been searching the web for steroids?

When I was in the US, I spent countless hours searching the web for anabolic steroids. There were so many things that came up on my search results that had nothing to do steroids. Even worse most of the crap that I got was a scam. Well you have found the real deal now.  We sell real pharmaceutical quality anabolic steroids.

Your one step closer to meeting your bodybuilding goals.

Now that you have found our site, there nothing left to do but take action. We have the anabolic steroids you want. Our prices are good, and we are eager to be helpful. Here at Typhoongear, we know our success depends upon you meeting your goals. We will do all we can to help.

There is a $300.00 minimum, and the shipping is free.

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Anabolic Steroids

We distribute first quality anabolics. We are a one stop shop for all of your bodybuilding needs.

About Us

This is all about taking care of you...

We are dedicated to service, ultimately our success is determined by our customers. We believe if you give us a chance to serve you, that you will stay with us. If you have any questions, please email us... Typhoongear.com@gmail.com

Our Vision

Making the World a Better Place


If you are interested, our company has much larger plans than just offering great products at good prices.  There is every reason to feel good about doing business with us. We are a family company. The first thing this business does is to sustain us. That is only a small part of a much larger picture.

As this business grows, we are committed to a much larger goal. 

Our business is located in the Philippines, the country that gets struck by more Typhoons (Hurricanes)  than anywhere in the world. Hence The name Typhoongear. A part of our over all vision is to start a development/construction company that will buy land, build typhoon resistant housing, and sell the housing at cost.

Unlike other charities, no one will draw a paycheck from this company other than the workers who actually build the houses. I know, you maybe saying yeah right, and you maybe right. I cannot control the future. However if you go to my facebook page (Bill Lighthall), you can find about 600 pages of work that I have written about living spiritually and shared with the world for free. If you read much of it, you will know that this vision is really what I want to do.